Castle Stalker

Western Scotland

6 thoughts on “Castle Stalker

  1. There is something deceptively peaceful about this place at the moment of the photo… I can imagine that any moment now a storm could come up from the sea… Perhaps it’s the thunder sounding in my own hills that gives me this feeling???? Lovely…

    • It was very peaceful there. We happened to get there after supper & the castle didn’t even open for the tourist season yet, so there was no one around & it was very quiet & serene…one of my favorite places in Scotland.
      I seen this Castle in a calendar my mother had years ago, it wasn’t particularly the nicest or fanciest castle, but something about it drew me to it & I always said I would go there.

      • Thanks for taking me along. My ancestors came from Scotland and I’ve always wanted to go and see the place…

      • My ancestors came from there as well (on both sides of the family), and I always said that I would go as well. I think it is the greatest place on Earth, that’s how much I like it 🙂 I have more pics that I will be posting eventually, but I put the best up first.

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