Technical Problems with WordPress?

I can’t see my new likes or follows. My most used tags aren’t working. Also, problems posting for the longest time. Anyone else having problems?


15 thoughts on “Technical Problems with WordPress?

  1. WordPress drives me a little crazy at times. Buttons often seem to randomly stop working….today I can’t approve comments or reply to them 🙂 I know it will pass but it’s frustrating when it happens. I seem to have more problems on my iPad than on my PC!
    Hope your buttons sort themselves soon….but it might be worth reinstalling WP?

  2. Please confirm the following contents on your PC.

    Dashboard > Settings >
    General Settings

    Click your UserName on the Dashboard (TopRight on the Dashboard)
    “My Account” of

  3. The WP’s format in a tablet is maybe different from the PC. So, I cannot mention it.

    If you had re-installed a PC, WP may not recognize that a current user (you) is the same as the original user (you).
    — Please see how that goes for a while. —
    Because I do not know the system of WP in detail, I cannot give you appropriate advice. I’m sorry, Sharon!

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